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Experience Matters.

Experience Matters

About Genesis Automation

Genesis Automation is a single source, full service automated system solutions provider.  Genesis designs and builds high-precision custom assembly, test, and special process equipment for a wide range of industries.  


Experience matters at Genesis Automation.  Let our Genesis team be an extension of your workforce.  Our designers and builders are the industry leaders of custom automated assembly, test, and special process equipment.  Genesis equipment has a high return on investment because we share your vision and can create scalable systems that makes economic sense for you.  


We are easy to do business with because we’ve been doing business a long time.  Flexibility and  versatility are important in all aspects of our business.  


Our team applies proven design concepts, technologies and processes to achieve successful completion of your project’s requirements.  Where proven solutions do not exist, Genesis can develop them.  

For over two decades, we have built our company on the philosophy of being the best at what we do, not necessarily the biggest.  This results in our customers receiving an unequivocal level of service and value. Whether your needs are large or small, Genesis Automation helps you compete by creating reliable solutions for your every automation need.

Highly Skilled Engineers and Technicians


When we receive a job, we do it.  Our final product is a well thought out, well designed machine that works exactly how you wanted it to.

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