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Custom Automated Assembly Systems

Equipment automation has transformed industrial assembly processes as we know them, helping companies modernize the way they develop and manufacture products. These automated systems are designed to take on complex manufacturing applications by increasing throughput, quality, return on investment (ROI) and capacity.

At Genesis Automation, we create industrial assembly solutions tailored to our customers' individual processing needs. We design and build all of our custom automated assembly systems in-house, where we design, assemble and program your equipment until it reflects our quality and reliability standards while meeting your organization's requirements.





Our Industrial Assembly Solutions

We develop custom turnkey assembly systems designed with your product and process requirements in mind. Each system is a unique and complete solution to your assembly process needs, beginning with part feeding and handling, continuing on to forming, assembling and bonding processes, and ultimately concluding with pack-out and packaging as required to produce a finished product. Automated assembly systems provide efficient, repeatable, high-quality results that make filling orders and keeping your customers happy an achievable and much smoother process.

Part and Material Feeding and Handling

Before the components of an assembly can be brought together into the final assembly, they must first be accurately positioned, or fixtured, in known locations to ensure reliable and successful completion of the necessary assembly processes. To minimize the labor requirement in preparing materials for this step, parts and materials are often introduced to the system in bulk, after which the automated feeding and handling equipment is used to separate, orient and position the materials prior to the onset of the assembly processes. 

Some of the technologies that can be applied for this are:


  • Vibratory feeder bowl

  • Vibratory inline

  • Vibratory flex feeder

  • Vibratory hopper

  • Powered dereeler

  • Tape and reel

  • Strip feed

  • Tray feed

  • Blow feed

  • Cartesian/SCARA/6-axis/collaborative robot pick and place

  • Vision-guided pick and place



Automated Assembly Technologies/Processes

Genesis Automation has a wealth of experience with a variety of assembly processes applied to a wide range of products and materials across many industries. Whatever your assembly process requirements are, chances are we have successfully integrated the technology several times already. We are always actively involved in developing technologies and processes through vendor relationships and industry tradeshows to keep abreast of the latest technologies to be applied to your assembly requirements.

Some of the many assembly processes that Genesis has experience with include:


  • Potting/filling/encapsulating

  • Soldering

  • Brazing

  • Adhesive dispense/application and cure

  • Laser welding

  • Ultrasonic welding

  • Resistance welding

  • Screw feeding and driving

  • Pneumatic/hydraulic/servo pressing operations

  • Heat staking

  • Fastening

Call us to learn about other customer solutions we have developed. We develop custom automated assembly equipment that helps companies improve operations. Our end-to-end solutions are geared toward your manufacturing needs, enabling you to accomplish your goals.

Industries We Serve

At Genesis Automation, we create customized automation solutions individually tailored to your specific application needs. We've developed new technologies to accommodate clients in numerous industries, including:

  • Automotive and transportation

  • Electric vehicles (EV)

  • Battery and energy storage

  • Consumer products

  • Electronics

  • Medical devices and life sciences

  • Military and defense

  • Aerospace

  • Communications

Benefits of Custom Automated Assembly Equipment

Industrial production solutions enable companies to achieve optimal supply chain performance with accurate and efficient manufacturing processes. When you implement custom automated assembly machines into your production processes, you can:


  • Increase productivity

  • Minimize product loss

  • Improve quality

  • Reduce costs

  • Enhance manufacturing safety

  • Increase uptime

  • Minimize waste


Why Choose Genesis Automation as Your Custom Automated Assembly Machine Manufacturer?

Genesis Automation is your single source for automated system solutions. We have over 20 years of experience under our belts serving a wide variety of industries. This cultivated expertise allows us to integrate our advanced design concepts, processes and technologies to create the highest-quality systems.

We view your success as our success — that's why we consider ourselves an extension of your team. Our staff takes customer service to the next level by continuing to provide support long after your project is complete.

Discuss Custom Automated Assembly Equipment Today

For a custom automated assembly system manufacturer you can trust, choose Genesis Automation. We're committed to delivering assemblyspecial process and test equipment customized to your application needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our automated assembly system solutions.

Contact Genesis Automation To Discuss Your Requirements Today. 

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