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Dispense Automation

Robotics are playing an increasingly prominent role in various aspects of the manufacturing process in a wide range of industries. Automated dispensing systems use programmed robots to perform various repetitive tasks, saving time and labor and offering numerous additional benefits.

Genesis Automation is your one-stop source for integrating automated dispensing solutions into a custom-designed assembly operation. We can work with multifaceted systems that can handle the dispensing aspects and then conduct quality inspections to pinpoint areas for process improvements. You'll experience a faster, more efficient dispensing operation with fewer human errors. These systems can also boost your business's profitability by reducing production and labor costs.

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About Our Automated Dispense Capabilities






Solder & Brazing

We can work with single adhesive products like cyanoacrylate (Superglue) and two-part materials like epoxy. We're also adept at curing processes for adhesive dispensing applications, including infrared and oven cures that require elevated temperatures.

Using a robotic dispensing system for potting applications increases efficiency and accuracy when filling electronic assemblies. You'll experience improved vibration resistance and shock while enhancing the part's overall reliability.

An automated dispensing system can evenly apply solder paste onto the printed circuit board. Automated dispensing provides greater consistency and more accurate placement. They also offer the benefit of repeatability to ensure the highest precision throughout the process.

Why Should You Automate Your Dispensing Process?

Increased productivity: Automation enables you to complete more work in less time and minimize inconsistent cycle times. You'll be better equipped to keep your production on schedule and offer improved service to your customers.

Enhanced protection: Automated potting can create an environmental seal that protects sensitive components against damage from moisture, dust, debris and other contaminants.

Repeatability: Post-dispense 2D/3D vision inspection equipment helps you achieve more repeatable dispensing results. It will also identify any nonconforming product before it can leave the work cell, limiting quality control issues.

Reduces human errors: Even the most well-trained and dedicated employees can make mistakes that impact your business operations. Integrating robotics into your dispensing processes helps you cut down on costly human errors while increasing efficiency. 

Lower long-term costs: Installing automated dispensing systems requires upfront capital expenditure. However, most companies recoup their investment quickly by reducing operating costs and increasing productivity and efficiency. You'll notice the difference in the form of a healthier bottom line.

As a full-service integrator, we help implement your custom dispensing system from start to finish. We cover all the bases of your assembly system, including part feeding, assembly, testing and packaging.​


Types of automated dispensing systems we have experience with are:

Industry Applications for Dispensing

Genesis Automation has been providing reliable, cost-effective dispense automation integration solutions for over 20 years. The knowledge and experience we've attained enable us to help companies across a broad spectrum of industries, including:

Pharmaceutical Packaging

Consumer Products

Aerospace Fabrication Process

Automotive Production/EV


Let Us Help Solve Your Assembly Manufacturing Needs

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