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We focus on being the best, not the biggest.

Community Development for Students via FIRST Robotics Team

Genesis Automation is committed to long term and effective community development that not only benefits, but encourages community members of all ages to become more responsible, organize and plan together, develop healthy lifestyle options, empower themselves, and create educational, employment and economic opportunities.

 STEM Youth Mentoring
FRC First Robotics PWNAGE

We offer a once in a lifetime experience to over 40 pre-teens and teenagers every year.  Community professionals from the business, technical, and artistic worlds are invited to partner with us as mentors to create an inclusive and grounded program for students in seventh through twelth grade through our Youth Robotics and STEM Education Foundation.

PWNAGE First Robotics 2451 FRC
 PWNAGE VEX Robotics Competition


Genesis Automation is home to PWNAGE team #2451 where we inspire youth through S.T.E.M. Our youth come from 11 area High Schools, 2 Jr. Highs, and Home-school Environments.



FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC)

PWNAGE High School students participate in the annual FIRST Robotics Competition, which is an international competition for High School students.



VEX Robotics Competition 

PWNAGE Jr. High students participate in the annual VEX Robotics Competition.  



All of our PWNAGE students are responsible for robot production, programming, engineering, and related work and receive professional mentorship in the following areas:

Science - physics, chemistry, experimentation

Technology & Computer Science - programming, software    

   development, 3D animation

Engineering and Design - electrical, mechanical, CAD

Mathematics - pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry


Art and Design - photography, videography, digital design, digital animation

Business - marketing, public relations, fundraising, community outreach

Language Arts - writing, public speaking, desktop publishing


We teach them how to be entrepreneurs, how to strengthen our community, and how to use technology to improve the world.

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