Experience Matters.

Experience Matters

Highly Skilled Engineers and Technicians




We take great pride in being an industry leader of custom automated design, technology and process equipment. As an extension of your workforce, we partner with you to develop and deliver the highest precision solutions designed and engineered for your unique applications.



Reliability, dependability and flexibility are hallmarks of our systems. We stand behind our products and service with confidence. Because we respect your entrepreneurial freedom, we prioritize your confidentiality in maintaining exclusivity.



Genesis Automation is built on the philosophy of being the best. We never compromise on quality. Whether your needs are large or small, our expertly engineered scalable solutions will offer a high return on your investment today and in the future.  


Experience matters. We are leaders in custom automated assembly, test, and special process equipment.


From pre-production through production and post-production, our project management team works closely with you to understand, conceptualize and implement the solutions that best meet your project and budget needs. Our multi-industry experience means you get the best solution for your specific application.


The result – an unequivocal level of service and value, and a final product that delivers a custom solution with exceptional accuracy.


We create. You shine.




Chances are you’re within a few feet of a product we had a hand in making. With a vision to serve as a trusted leader in automated system solutions, we believe that experience fuels excellence. Our commitment to develop leading-edge innovation solutions is grounded in expertise that can collectively shape more effective results in the future.


Genesis Automation was founded on the belief that technology built today can provide solutions for tomorrow. It’s a challenge we’ve embraced for X years.


As your single-source, full-service automated system solutions provider, our mission is to develop expertly engineered custom systems that excel in achieving your vision today and for years to come.


A strong commitment to community development is embedded in our culture, guiding our efforts to empower community members of all ages in becoming active, responsible contributors in business, technical and artistic arenas. Our partnerships with key organizations are engaging the next generation in using technology to improve the world.    

When we receive a job, we do it.  Our final product is a well thought out, well designed machine that works exactly how you wanted it to.