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4th Axis Machining

What is the 4th Axis on a cnc machine?

4th Axis machining involves using an indexing head that works in conjunction with a 3 Axis CNC mill. The 4th Axis is mounted into the CNC mill to be used for advanced CNC machining operations.

4th Axis TEST

Above: 4th Axis components. On the left is the tailstock. On the right is the Indexer. The machined blank is positioned for 4th Axis machining.

What does it do?

The 4th Axis gives the mill an A Axis that allows the operator to machine multiple sides of a part in rotary motion without having to stop to rotate or readjust the workpiece which reduces human error.

4th axis components

Above: 4th Axis positioning. The 4th Axis repositions the part between 3 Axis operations,

but doesn't actually move during machining.

What applications can a 4th Axis machine be used for?

Genesis Automation uses our 4th Axis machining and milling capabilities to create custom parts for systems used in our high-precision custom assembly, special process, and test equipment machines.

Stages of a 4th axis part

From left to right, the different stages of the 4th Axis Part: raw material, machined blank, 4th Axis machined part, part after secondary machining.

Why did Genesis Automation decide to invest in this equipment instead of continuing to outsource this work?

Genesis Automation engineers and designers wanted to not only increase our shop capabilities in producing parts that would have been previously outsourced, but we also wanted to control scheduling and be able to quickly implement last minute changes. We are continually investing in technologies to remain competitive and improving your production process.

When your project requires intricate design and engineering, contact Genesis Automation.

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