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Custom Automated Testing Systems

With automated testing equipment (ATE), you can ensure that your products all meet the required quality levels for form, fit and function. ATE provides fast, efficient and reliable verification of all critical features of your product before it reaches your customer. ATE allows for 100% testing of all products.

At Genesis Automation, we develop custom automated testing equipment tailored to our customers' needs. As your go-to custom ATE manufacturer, we have the in-house capabilities to design, develop and deliver highly reliable automation systems that meet your requirements.

Our Automated Test Equipment Capabilities

Genesis Automation has a long history of designing and implementing ATE for both electrical and mechanical testing of components. When off-the-shelf test equipment doesn't exist or can't meet your requirements, we will design a custom test PCB and circuitry to get the job done.

Automated Mechanical Test Systems

We create automated testing machines that test a company's mechanical system components to ensure that all products are fully functional and exhibit the highest-quality operation. Our turnkey automation testing solutions are individually geared to your application needs and deliver precision and reliability that's second to none.

Some of our mechanical test experiences include:


  • Turning and alignment for optimal device performance

  • Functional and characteristic test/tune

  • Automated optical inspection (AOI)

  • Leak testing (vacuum and positive pressure decay)

  • Force and torque testing

  • Vibration and acoustic testing

Automated Electrical Test Systems

You can rely on Genesis Automation for automated electrical test systems to verify that every product you produce meets the strictest quality control requirements. Our accurate and dependable machines automatically evaluate electrical parts to ensure that they are safe, operational and optimized for quality and efficiency.

Our experience with electrical testing includes the following:


  • Correlation testing

  • Functional and characteristic test/tune/calibration

  • Current/resistance/voltage measurement

  • Hipot/dielectric/insulation resistance testing


Benefits of Automated Inspection and Testing Equipment

Testing results and data can be uploaded and saved to local networks using SQL, Oracle and other database software so a historical record of automated inspection results can be maintained and analyzed at any time to watch for trends and look for improvements in short- and long-term process performance and capability. Serialized parts can be individually tracked through the assembly/testing processes for lot and batch control records. 

Implementing custom automated testing systems into your facility means experiencing these benefits:

  • Improve quality

  • Reduce costs/labor

  • Eliminate human error

  • Reduce returns

  • 100% testing of critical features/functions

  • Improved process capability and performance (Cpk/Ppk)


Why Choose Genesis Automation as Your Automated Test Equipment Manufacturer?

At Genesis Automation, we use our expertise and advanced manufacturing technologies to design and develop production-ready equipment designed specifically for your product's requirements. Our in-house capabilities allow us to undertake every step of the process, from conception to completion.

We view ourselves as an extension of your team and provide continuous customer support, so you can rely on us even after your project is complete.

Ensure Quality With Custom ATE Machines at Genesis Automation

When you choose Genesis Automation as your custom automated test system machine manufacturer, you'll experience reliability and flexibility geared to your application needs. We have the knowledge and experience to deliver tailored automation solutions for a variety of demanding industries.

Connect with our team for more information on our products or to discuss your automation needs. 

Contact Genesis Automation To Discuss Your Requirements Today. 

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