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Customer Testimonials

Consumer Product Manufacturer

“I have used and continue to use Genesis Automation for our most challenging factory automation projects.  Whether it is a small but difficult process, or a large completely automated production system, Genesis Automation consistently delivers thoroughly engineered machines that perform above expectations for the entire product life.”

 - Senior Process Engineer


Appliance Manufacturer

“Genesis Automation will dig in and do the necessary upfront work to really understand complex processes so that the delivered machine meets, and often exceeds, my expectations.”

 - Senior Manufacturing Engineer


Automotive Exterior Component Manufacturer

“Genesis is a good company who met all of our manufacturing requirements delivering a complex and unique robotic cell on time functioning well at our facility.  It is still in use to this day.”

 - Manufacturing Engineer


Tier 2 Automotive Supplier

“Genesis is one of the best automation suppliers that I have ever worked with… the only thing that surpass their technical level of expertise is their after sales support once the machine is installed and delivered.”

 - Maintenance Manager


Consumer Product Manufacturer (High-End Audio Components)

“The work with Genesis we have done can be summed up in one word: Excellence.  This starts with the RFQ process, where they have consistently asked the right questions in order to get to the heart of any challenge at hand.  It continues with their approach to problem solving, through which they have done an excellent job of communicating and including us in the design and development process.  We have also leveraged their post-implementation support, made easier with their standardized interface and control systems, which allow them to resolve any issues we’ve had quickly and efficiently.


Where Genesis really sets themselves apart is in coming up with novel solutions to problems that might seem otherwise insurmountable.  They possess design expertise that is second to none and have tackled and resolved automation applications for us that continue to be run in production with high yield and no down time.  If you have an automation problem that appears to be impossible to solve, Genesis is the house to turn to.  I would recommend them to anyone!”

 - Process Engineering Manager


Tier 1 Automotive Part Supplier

“I am a Manufacturing Engineer at a tier 1 automotive parts manufacturer for all of the big OEM’s and I have had almost 7 years of working with Genesis Automation.  They have built quite a few machines for us.  I am in charge of 3 larger palletized conveyor assembly lines and 1 rotating dial assembly line, along with overseeing multiple lines I shipped down to our Mexico facility. 


The teams at Genesis Automation are world class and I have spent countless hours shoulder to shoulder with these fine people.  The mark of a great automation house is the fault recovery and backend support. 


I have never found myself wanting when it came to support or service.  Every single time I have needed help with a complex or oddball issue, they were there to help and get it done - :: without fail::


I can’t recommend them enough and although some of our process are extremely complex and challenging, working on their equipment is basically frustration free.  I find myself elbow deep in every nook of their machines on a regular basis (some of our machines are over 10 years old now).  No matter what happens, I know I’ll have their support.”

 - Manufacturing Engineer


Medical Sensor Supplier
"I have worked with Genesis personnel for two decades on projects ranging from ~$300K to ~$3M and in each instance found their dedication to customer satisfaction to be exceptional in all aspects ranging from quotation to project management to concept, detailed design, build, wire, program, debug, supplier floor acceptance, site installation, customer floor acceptance and documentation.  It was a pleasure working with a supplier one could trust to do the job right and rare to find these days."

 - Senior Manufacturing Engineer

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