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Industrial Automation Systems from Genesis Automation

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Genesis Automation is a single source, full service automated system solutions provider. Genesis designs and builds high-precision assembly, test and special process equipment for a wide range of industries. 


Genesis applies proven design concepts, technologies and processes to achieve successful completion of your project’s requirements.  Where proven automation solutions do not exist, Genesis can develop a custom automation system for them.  


We have built our company on the philosophy of being the best at what we do, not necessarily the biggest.  This results in our customers receiving an unequivocal level of service and value.  Whether your business needs are large or small, Genesis Automation helps you compete by creating reliable solutions for your every automation need. 


Custom Manufacturing and Test Equipment 

We leverage over 20 years of custom automation expertise to build reliable custom automation equipment and deliver the highest-quality machines. We consider ourselves an extension of your workforce, so you can expect only the best we have to offer.

Our skilled staff specializes in developing the following automation production equipment:


Assembly systems

Custom assembly systems are designed to take individual components and build a finished product. These assembly systems can range from manual lean cells to fully automated high-speed production. Multiple components and assembly processes are seamlessly integrated to provide repeatable assembly of your product.

Test systems: 

Test systems ensure that 100% of the product you ship meets your stringent quality control (QC) standards. Genesis Automation has experience building mechanical and electrical test equipment for life cycle testing, calibration, functional testing and other essential applications.

Special process systems:

When you're working with a system that requires unique processes that have not been automated before, Genesis Automation has the technical ability and creativity to offer customized solutions. When no existing processes or similar concepts can be applied to your situation, we'll conceptualize, engineer and develop one that will work the first time you use it — every time, guaranteed.


Our involvement continues even after we complete your project, with long-term customer support services including equipment maintenance and repairs.


Industries That Use Our Turnkey Automation Solutions

Our team has the knowledge and experience to deliver dependable custom automation services to clients across a variety of industries. We leverage our extensive automation expertise with every new application, providing you with the best possible solution to meet even the most challenging demands. 

We provide versatile industrial automation solutions for partners in the following industries:



Machine Chassis

Genesis Automation has experience designing and integrating a variety of automation platforms. We design and develop each automated system with a chassis best fit for your production needs.

Our team provides the following chassis solutions:


  • Synchronous: This chassis structure is ideal for systems with precise timing, coordination and balance, minimizing their indexing time. 

  • Nonsynchronous: A nonsynchronous chassis is useful for maximizing performance by balancing equipment with uneven process times. 

  • Lean cell: Lean cells offer customers flexible, semi-automated production. Lean cells integrate operators and automated processes to maintain production efficiency while eliminating product variability. 

  • Specialized application: For companies with unique process requirements, we provide tailored solutions customized to your automation needs.

  • Collaborative robots: Collaborate robots (CoBots) offer the ability to safely integrate robotic equipment with human operators. CoBots can be used to assist operators in a production environment without the need for physical barriers.


Contact Genesis Automation Today For Your Custom Automation Needs

At Genesis Automation, we have extensive experience in assembly, test and special process automated equipment. Do you have a unique manufacturing process that you need automated? We'd be happy to help.

Contact us to learn more about our custom automated machinery and what we can do for you! 

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Made in the USA

Because our team values community development and engagement, we encourage local residents to work toward creating a better community through health, education and economic initiatives.

Genesis Automation offers enriching programs and experiences to over 40 preteens and teenagers every year, focusing on science, technology, business, art, mathematics and more. We've formed valuable partnerships with the following organizations:


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