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Easy to do business with.

Easy to do business with.

Chassis Systems for Automation

We Apply the Best Machine Chassis for Your Application

Genesis Automation delivers cost saving solutions that save you time and money.  Our team studies the parts, process(es), and overall system requirements to identify the best chassis style for your project.  We can modify current configurations or innovate custom solutions. From compact rotary systems to flexible robotic cells to efficient lean cells, our experience delivers the best possible machine to your floor.

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Reduce cycle and indexing time with a custom automated synchronous system developed by Genesis' designers and engineers.


The interdependent relationship between operator systems and manual operators combine seamlessly on our custom chassis. 

Lean Cell

Genesis Automation's custom Lean Cells produce and deliver your product at the precise time and place you need it, increasing efficiency and eliminating waste.

Specialized Application

When your ideas surpass standard automation platforms, Genesis excels at creating custom solutions professionally tailored to meet your precise product and process needs. 


We have idea people.  We have tools.  We have space.  When all three fuse together, that's when sparks fly.

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