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Custom Assembly and Test Automation for the Automotive and Transportation Industry

Whether it is high-volume production, multi-piece assemblies, or high-tech electronics, the automotive and transportation industries have tremendous potential for automated assembly equipment. Genesis Automation offers our customers over 20 years of custom automation experience for assembly and test equipment. 

Custom Assembly Equipment for Automotive Parts

At Genesis Automation, our engineering team is familiar with a wide variety of assembly processes used throughout the automotive industry. We are highly proficient in plastics welding, sensor assembly, functional testing, and leak testing, as well as a variety of electrical tests/functions like Hi-Pot, continuity, resistance, ASIC programming, and calibration. 

As the electric vehicle market continues to grow, OEMs and part suppliers face new production challenges as vehicles become more focused on technology and energy storage. Genesis has a broad range of experience in electronics, battery technology, and consumer products, which can help you meet and exceed the demands of the EV and e-Mobility market. 

Variety of Automotive Experience/Proficiencies 


  • Sensor assembly 

  • Functional/Performance Testing

  • Steering Angle Sensor Calibration

  • Fuel Cell Leak Testing

  • Battery Assembly

  • Battery Cell Assembly

  • Filtration Components

  • Plastics Welding

  • Cylinder Deactivation/Fuel Savings Components

  • Vehicle Safety Hardware


Testing, Inspection, and Quality Assurance

Genesis also has the capability to integrate product testing into our customers' assembly equipment. Genesis has the technical know-how to integrate standard test hardware or design custom circuit boards specifically for your application. Our customers leverage our testing capabilities to create new and cutting-edge products, giving them a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our team is also very experienced in part inspection and quality assurance. Component traceability, barcode reading, vision inspection, and data collection are critical processes in today’s advanced manufacturing fields. Our systems are designed to ensure only good products leave your production floor. 

Our Turnkey Systems

Genesis Automation has the experience to handle even your most demanding automotive and e-Mobility projects. Genesis has designed and integrated fully automated systems, semi-automated systems, and lean cells all over the world. Whether your application calls for large palletized systems, flexible lean cells, or even simple assembly dials, Genesis is ready to help you create your next automation success story.

From concept to installation, Genesis has a proven track record of providing our customers with world-class automated equipment that gives them a competitive edge in their market. Our staff is committed to providing excellent service throughout the project and in the field. We become an extension of your staff, ensuring that your production schedules are met. We service our customers both in the U.S. and overseas. 

Request More Information on Our Custom Automation Solutions

Genesis Automation is your resource for custom automation in the automotive and transportation industry. Reach out to our team today to begin the design and engineering process for your automated system.

Contact Genesis Automation To Discuss Your Requirements Today. 

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