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Automated Welding Solutions

Welding automation systems are vital for fabrication shops and manufacturing operations that want to improve efficiency and production metrics. Custom robotic welding systems combine advanced technology with traditional welding techniques, joining materials safer, faster and more efficiently than a human welder working alone.

For decades, Genesis Automation has researched and developed welding automation systems that allow us to provide quality, accuracy and speed to our customers. We can integrate automation into the welding process in many ways, providing a solution that enhances your return on investment. 

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Genesis Automation Welding Capabilities

Benefits of Welding Automation

  • Reduced labor costs: Manual welding applications are performed by skilled craftsmen who receive extensive training. A custom automated welding machine helps to reduce the cost of labor by minimizing the number of employees you need working during a shift and the amount of training they require. 

  • Worker safety: Welding can be a challenging and dangerous job due to the heat and arc flash produced by the equipment. Safety gear is required to protect the worker. Automated welding systems protect workers by keeping them at a distance from potential hazards.

  • Improved productivity: Automated welding systems can run 24 hours a day without a break. The increased uptime means your facility will see greater productivity and job efficiency over manual applications.

Our custom assembly solutions can integrate with automated welding processes including:

  • Laser Welding: Laser welding uses a concentrated beam combined with feeding systems, robotic arms, sensors, weld cells and other innovative tools to maximize welding production and streamline overall quality. This process also uses less heat to increase energy efficiency.

  • Ultrasonic Weld: During ultrasonic welding, high-frequency sound waves generate the amount of heat needed to melt and join materials. Automated ultrasonic welding is fast with minimal cooling times and produces a highly durable finished product with superior accuracy.

  • Resistance Weld: Resistance welding uses electrical current and pressure to join materials, offering a solution for producing higher-quality parts with stronger welds at an increased rate. The primary advantage of resistance welding is that it requires no other materials to create the bond.

  • Spin-Friction Weld: Spin-friction welding utilizes the heat produced by friction to join a wide range of materials. Automated spin welding allows for greater control and enhanced energy efficiency while ensuring product quality with increased interface strength.

  • Traditional (MIG-TIG): Traditional metal inert gas (MIG) and tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding techniques produce heat and join materials using an arc. We can customize an automated traditional welding solution based on your application’s unique needs. 

Industries Genesis Automation Has Served

We've provided custom automated welding solutions to multiple applications for decades. Examples of the industries we've partnered with include:

Medical Life Sciences

Consumer Products



Communications & Electronics

Let Us Help Solve Your Assembly Manufacturing Needs

Genesis Automation has been helping improve quality and efficiency for various manufacturing applications for over 20 years. We've integrated our advanced technologies, design concepts and processes into the industry’s most advanced and productive automated welding systems. 

We strive to help your operation succeed and view your success as our own. We'll be there to support you throughout your project and beyond. To learn more about our automated welding solutions, contact us today

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