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Automated Fastening Solutions

As manufacturers in various industries seek ways to remain competitive and profitable, many turn to automation to meet these challenges. Implementing automated fastening systems enables businesses to modernize and improve these essential processes. 


Genesis Automation can provide single-source fastening automation solutions that will add value to your manufacturing operations. We offer customized results tailored specifically to each application. Our team is responsible for every step of the process when integrating automated fastening equipment into larger assembly systems, from implementation to debugging. We have extensive experience in the industries we serve, ensuring a reliable result for your project.




Genesis Automation Fastening Capabilities

Fastening is an essential component of most modern automation systems in manufacturing. Automated fastening can make handling an installation more manageable, especially when working with the smaller parts used in many of today's products. As an example, automation can overcome challenges when workers insert loose screws into semi-automated fastening equipment, such as improper seating torque and the slowness of feeding one screw at a time into the machinery. 


The capabilities of an automated fastener installation system from Genesis Automation include:

  • Screw driving and feeding: We can integrate and assemble automated screw driving and feeding equipment compatible with robotic positioning systems. We can provide an efficient multifeed system that can accommodate multiple fastener insertions and solutions for driving various fasteners. 

  • Rivet fastening: If your company uses rivet or rivet nuts, we can provide a robotic joining system that delivers reliable results in low-volume, high-mix and high-volume, low-mix projects.

Why Invest in Fastening Automation?

While acquiring industrial automated fastener assembly equipment requires an upfront investment, it can deliver substantial long-term returns in several crucial areas:

  • Lower labor costs: Employee-related costs represent one of the most significant expenses in any manufacturing operation. Automation requires fewer human hours to accomplish your tasks. You'll have fewer concerns about absences and on-the-job injuries while making your business less labor-intensive and more profitable. 

  • Multifunctional performance: You'll be able to improve your workflow by combining multiple functions into one process, which saves time and increases efficiency. You'll also conserve valuable floor space by using one piece of equipment for several tasks.

  • Improved quality: You'll quickly discover that fastening automation dramatically enhances the quality of your processes. You'll experience fewer production errors that lead to defects and put projects behind schedule.



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Industry Applications for Fastening

Genesis Automation has been providing reliable, cost-effective dispense automation integration solutions for over 20 years. The knowledge and experience we've attained enable us to help companies across a broad spectrum of industries, including:

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